Basic Wax and Tub Dye Method

Basic Wax and Tub Dye Method
(Dyeing something a solid color is also known as Tub Dyeing. The Tub Dye Technique is described here in more detail.) Click here for Paint on Method Batik istuctions. 

This method uses repeated layers of wax and dye applied to the fabric, yielding an overlapping color design. If you plan to do multiple layers you will want to dye your colors from lightest to darkest.

Step 1: Pre-wash your fabric to remove any impurities that might interfere with dyeing. We recommend using Synthrapol for this.

Step 2: Pre-dye a few of your fabrics in some different base colors, we did some in #3 Golden Yellow and #25 Turquoise.

Step 3: Start melting your premixed Batik Wax in the little melting pot, or for bigger projects, in a double boiler, electric wax pot, or old electric frying pan set at about 220-230° **

Step 4: Stretch the fabric on a Frame or Hoop, that will keep the fabric flat and horizontal or you can work on some newsprint paper or a piece of cardboard if you don’t have a frame. This is often easier with larger pieces of fabric.

Step 5: Start applying your wax with tools of your choice…


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