dyeing with berries


I combined the dyes I’d rendered in a large pot and put it on low heat. I put the towels in a my sink, filled with warm water and a generous splash of vinegar. And then I made the fancy set up you see on the right side of the image below. I draped the towels over a hanger (suspended from my stove’s range hood with s-hooks) cliping them in place at each stage of dying. I started with the towels (about 3 at a time) nearly submerged. After about 30-40 mins I moved them a third of the way out of the liquid and in another 30 mins or so, only the bottom third in the liquid.

When the towels were done I carefully transported them to the bathroom sink and let cold water run on them (in the direction of the dye, not opposite – you don’t want to send dye onto the un-dyed portion) until it started to run clear. In the photo above and right you can see that there is a blueish band at the top – this is a blueberry thing, someone who understands chemistry better may be able to explain it. It mostly faded away after drying. After they were all dyed, I put them in the dyer to set the color. The color faded a bit, but not too much.


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