photographed still life, that looks like painting

I took a photograph of the fruits first to get an idea what it looks like, then primed it with white paint to take out the original color.

then I painted the fruit as if it was in a still life.

0403 still lifeDSC_5567 0403 still lifeDSC_5566 

DSC_5430 DSC_5429 DSC_5428


after the first critique on this, I looked at some artist models and famous still lifes so people would be able to relate to it easily, and subconsciously give them the idea that it is a still life painting.

I primarily looked at Paul Cezanne’s works, and mimicked his arrangements in a lot of my photos.

eg. Still Life with Apples and a Tube of Paint, Still Life With Plate and Fruit

0403 still lifeDSC_5596 0403 still lifeDSC_5594

0403 still lifeDSC_5618 0403 still lifeDSC_5629

0403 still lifeDSC_5656 0403 still lifeDSC_5672 0403 still lifeDSC_5678


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