Amazing film posters created by Print Club London for Somerset House’s summer film season

This poster was inspiring to me stylistically. The colors pop but are also very harmonious, elements of pop teenage culture bombard the image, making the theme very clear. Also the combination of photographic and vector cartoons brings depth, and a rich interesting contrast.

The cult movie Spring Breakers hit screens in 2012 and featured four college girls on their spring break. The events that followed depicted the girls’ downward spiral into a life of drugs, crime and violence.

The print, produced by Hattie Stewart, shows the images of the girls with cartoon style imagery overlaying the top. Despite the colour scheme and fantasy childish characters giving the overall print a fun tone, the print is littered with images of drugs suggesting all is not as playful as it seems.

Self proclaimed ‘professional doodler’ Hattie Stewart is based in London. Stewart’s unique style has seen her work in various areas of the art and fashion world, with her career seeing her work with designers including Marc Jacobs and House of Holland.




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