Thoughts on movies: Lars and the Real Girl and Ruby Sparks


This movie inspired me to look at people growing attached to non-human characters in a more positive way. The doll Biyanca in the movie was accepted not only by lars, but also by the entire community, and in the end helped Lars to overcome his fear and resistance in social interaction.

look at the reason people can grow attached to non-living characters from an external, greater angle: the social interaction is growing cold and distant today. We are now afraid to talk to one another, thus we turn to non real figures who wouldn’t bring emotional harm to us for comfort. Thus brings the question of, what is the cause of this shift in social phenomenon? Is technology the reason, or is it that interpersonal relationships have been intimidating all along, only technology allowed more believable renderings of artificial intelligence and fictional characters, so this hidden need of us is revealed?

However Lars enjoys a warm community that is very rare in the modern day world, as the neighborhood communities I grew up in typically is quite distant.

As written in a review on NYT:

“Lars’s anguish has nothing to do with the loneliness of small towns or alienation in the modern world or even real pain; unlike the characters in Mr. Payne’s films, he suffers without disquieting fuss or messy fluids. His infatuation with Bianca inspires clucks of sympathy and a little confusion, but the priest smiles indulgently, as do the old ladies.”

Also I looked at the movie Ruby Sparks: when tormented by a lonely life, non successful career, the hero of the film Calvin fantasizes about the women of his dreams, and she magically comes to life one day. By writing “commands” on the typewriter, he could control her feelings, thoughts and actions.

The movie poses a question, what if you could create your ideal lover, and customize him/her to your perfect ideal?


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