Chapman Brothers

The Chapman Brothers
Jake and Dinos Chapman’s oeuvre is subversive, grotesque and violent. They’ve grafted genitalia onto the faces of mannequin children, created models depicting extreme torture and disfigurement and, much to the ire of the art establishment, purchased a series of Goya’s prints only to deface them. They polarise both critics and audiences, with detractors often dismissing their work as puerile and offensive. But beyond the initial shock value, the deeper themes of brutality and morality that underpin the work become more obvious and intriguing.

From their etchings of Goya-esque piles of body parts to naked child mannequins whose facial features are replaced with genitalia, the Chapman brothers explore the poles of beauty and pain, humor and horror, the sublime and perverse, the diabolical and the infantile, in ways that shock and confront viewers with their own voyeurism.


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