Sex and the Single Robot – Article

The science fiction writer Gene Wolfe has a different take on the issue: in his 1972 science fiction short story entitled It’s Very Clean, he imagines that if a future bordello cannot afford high-quality sex robots, it may very well employ real women and claim that they are robots. That way, you may think you are having sex with a fake person while actually being with a real person – how’s that for twisted sex! In the story, a young man chooses to  have his first sexual experience with a robot girl because that is less challenging than being with a real girl. He then finds out that the girl he had sex with actually is real, and what he intended to be an emotionally safe experience turns out to be anything but that.

Beyond the obvious sexual moves, it should not prove difficult to equip sex robots with sensors, allowing them to respond realistically to words, strokes and slaps or even to ‘orgasm’ in coordination with their users – or would that be lovers? Some robots created today for carrying patients have soft, warm, yielding skin-like surfaces – forget about sexy metal robots like those depicted in the artwork of Japanese artist Hajime Soryama in the 1980s. Unless, of course, you like hard sex…

In 2010, the US-based TrueCompany introduced Roxxxy, which the manufacturers claim is the world’s first sex robot. Roxxxy has been programmed with her own personality and can listen, talk, carry on a conversation (about what, I wonder?), feel your touch and respond to it, as well as move her “private areas inside” during sex. She even has a pulse that you can feel through her skin.




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