Project Proposal

The material I would like to explore is paper, especially cardboard. This material interests me in that it is generally considered to be non permanent, of something that is temporary. It is also considered to be the container of something else, a packaging, something to protect the actual object, such as a cardboard box, or a file. It is also considered to be somewhat fragile, not immune to water and fire. I’d like to explore this property, and maybe go against the general conceptions of cardboard and twist it in some way, so to create objects that are meant to be permanent – such as furniture, or decorational objects. Personally I enjoy design that is clever in considering current human needs, and cardboard being a light, biodegradable material, it would definitely be meaningful to explore this material.
The artist that inspired me the most is Shigeru Ban, who creates architectural structures using cardboard. He mostly worked in areas of natural disaster, including Haiti, Christchurch and Sichuan province of China, and built temporary shelters using mainly cardboard, on a very low budget. These structures were easy to build and dismantle, water and fire proof, and are very durable. I also looked at Bartek Elsner, who creates cardboard sculptures and installations of other real life objects. I enjoy the specific faceted aesthetic that cardboard creates, as well as the way he connects the pieces together.

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