Reknowned pieces of chair design

The chair is one of the most classic pieces in furniture design, also serves as a starting point. 

I researched many furniture designers and collected pieces of chair designs that inspire me, either they showcase the qualities of cardboard, or simply I feel that some of the features would be interesting to recreate with cardboard.

1. Peacock Chair – Frank Lloyd Wright

Design: 1921 – 2
Production: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown Japanese company
Size: 96 x 38 x 50; seat height 44 cms
Material: oak, oil cloth covering, metal

He designed the Peacock Chair, with its complicated and concentrated ornamentation for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, which was built between 1915 and 1922 – in terms of ground plan, elevation, and decoration the building is considered one of his most complex works. The hexagons in the back and on the sides of the chair’s base are also encountered in numerous places in the building: in the ceilings, on walls, and even in a coffee set designed by Wright.

2. Wiggle Side Chair

Frank Gehry

Design: 1972
Production: 1972
Manufacturer: Easy Edges, Inc., New York
Size: 85 x 42.5 x 60; seat height 45.5 cms
Material: corrugated cardboard, fiberboard,
round timber

3. LCW (Lounge Chair Wood)

Charles and Ray Eames

Design: 1945
Production: 1946 – 57
Manufacturer: Molded Plywood Division
of the Evans Products Company, Venice,
California, for Herman Miller Furniture
Company, Zeeland, Michigan
Size: 68 x 56 x 62; seat height 39 cms
Material: molded plywood, rubber

4. Plywood Armchair

Gerald Summers

Design: 1933 – 4
Production: since 1935
Manufacturer: Makers of Simple Furniture,
Ltd., London
Size: 74 x 60.5 x 91.5; seat height 32 cms
Material: bent plywood


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