10 Unit System – Shigeru Ban

I was very inspired by this simple, yet utilitarian design by Shigeru Ban. The 10 unit system is composed of simple single units that can be easily desembled and packed into a tight package.

Designed by Shigeru Ban, the 10-UNIT SYSTEM is a novel furniture concept that was launched in Milan in April 2009. The fully modular system is based on L-shaped units that can be combined in all sorts of ways to make furniture – a chair, a table, a bench. Putting furniture together and disassembling it is made easy by the ingenious yet simple design. The standard colours of the 10-UNIT SYSTEM are black and white; other colours are available on request.

The highly ecological and ethical 10-UNIT SYSTEM is made from UPM ProFi, an environmentally innovative wood plastic composite. Its principal raw materials are recycled paper and plastic. The composite has proved to be tough and humidity resistant. It is an environmentally sustainable material that can be disposed of by incineration, or recycled back into the production process. All materials in the composite are non-toxic.



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