De Stijl inspired furniture

The De Stijl style of geometric forms served as my inspiration in the chair designs. I thought the planar forms were very in sync with the properties of cardboard. I researched many De Stijl and modernism inspired furniture designs in hope to recreate them using cardboard, or base my designs on top of them.
Berlin Chair – Gerrit Rietveld
In 1923, Rietveld worked with the painter Vilmos Huszár to design a model room – a total “Neoplastic” environment – for the Juryfreie Kunsthau, an art exhibition in Berlin. His furniture for the room included this chair from which it received its name; importantly, it represents Rietveld’s first asymmetrical chair. The traditional elements – legs, arms, seat and back – have been abandoned in favor of a system of interrelated planes, asymmetrically balanced. The armrest is broad enough to serve as a table – both right-hand and left-hand versions were made. Each element is painted in a single color, the palette reduced to monochromatic black, white and gray.

Armchair from the Ellen Janson Residence, LA, California
By R.M. Schindler
Usonian End Table
Frank Lloyd Wright
Dimensions: 25 1/4″ x 26 1/2″ x 24″ H
Zig Zag Chair
Gerrit Rietveld

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