Organic cardboard designs – inspiration

Pen Holder by Nathaniel Paffett-Lugassy

Inspired by topography, holds pens as well as paper at front and back.

Cactus shaped cardboard filters by Meta Material

Mustafá by Sanserif Creatius

The m-shaped “Mustafá” table is a multipurpose piece of furniture “drawing its inspiration from Arabic art.” The cardboard layers forming the table’s base and legs are cut in the shape of a multifoil, or scalloped, arch, an architectural detail found in the great Andalusian palaces the Alhambra and the Alcázar, and in mosques and tombs across the Islamic world.

Dvalin by Asdis Jorundsdottir

Dvalin combines two useful objects, a stool and a paper rack. Dvalin occupies little space,  is light and mobile but very sturdy and strong.


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