Ye Hongxing

East of Eden No. 3 (detail)

Another Space No. 6 (detail)

Ye Hongxing’s work employs traditional Chinese motifs and modern elements, creating visually sublime scenes that layer oppositions of tranquility and intricate frenzy.

Vivid scenes are made from layers of tiny colourful embellishments. From a distance, the works appear as hyper real compositions of nature, complete with animals and creatures in a colourful wonderland.

On closer inspection, the large scenes are assembled from thousands of stickers. Mass- produced materials collected from retail and haberdashery outfits depict clashing images of nature, buddhas, skulls, shoes and helicopters.

Her pieces aim to narrate the fusion of modern technology and secularism with more traditional aspects of Chinese culture.

Overlap No. 23 Mixed media on canvas 150 x 200 cm 2014

Her works relish a sense of vivid, exquisite chaos, expressing a richness and luxury in the vibrancy of color and form. She describes her work as “a reaction to the swift change of China’s social system,” focusing on fusion and a sense of confusion as visuals battle for supremacy on her canvases. As a member of China’s new generation of thought and expression, Ye Hongxing responds to the rapid pace of change in modern China via an intricate sense of composition and color. Using a unique aesthetic that incorporates both realism and the visionary, Ye Hongxing creates images that achieve beauty through complexity.


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