Article: Lost in the Supermarket: When Barcode Madness and Consumerism Hit the Runway

June 2012. Moschino is holding its Autumn/Winter 2013 menswear catwalk show in the aisles of the food hall of Milan’s Excelsior shopping emporium, sending out models clad in suits, cardigans and shirts  decorated with prints of Budweiser-like Moschino logos and “Fresh” detergent (spoof of Ariel washing powder). The garments reference at times Pop Art pieces such as Andy Warhol’s Brillo Soap Pads, while hinting at consumer culture.

The theme of consumption continued also in Milan where Jeremy Scott at Moschino opened his first collection as Creative Director of the Italian fashion house with Chanel jackets in McDonald’s signature packaging colours, a top with the slogan “Over 20 million served”, a restaurant uniform and a chain-handle leather bag shaped like a Happy Meal box.


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