Critique 5/25

James: The initial purpose of casting is to massively reproduce at a low cost, a method largely related to mass consumption.

Posters look like advertising, definitely relates to the idea of manufacturing, corporate manipulation.

In the next set of objects, I tried to take out as much craftsmanship as possible, and make the objects of organic vegetables seem machine manufactured.

2015-05-25 140736  2015-05-25 1407412015-05-25 140746

Feedback: Look like models of human internal organs. Fear of nature: idea that nature is something we constantly try to conquer and alter.

One can see the aesthetic consistency and design aspect within the set – minimalist, formal consistency and unity.

Process design, and whether design is part of art. 

debate on whether to put the plastic foam tray and glad wrap on top to imitate the supermarket display: the political stance will be too unstable. However, it could suggest that it will possibly appear in a supermarket and be sold, so pros and cons. Also, the vegetables are not made by the supermarkets. The display needs to be more clinical. I agree – I prefer the scientific lab display. Shouldn’t try to force meaning into it.

My stance on the topic – neutral: not trying to say if its good or bad, but merely presenting and making a comment. Perhaps the earlier ones which look more like mutated creatures are more emotional, and express fear and anxiety towards all this lab experimentation with organic produce.


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