Abstract Draft 1

What are we putting onto our plates? Today we seem to have control over everything. There is now an immense potential to alter genetics and fabricate nature in a way that is most profitable to us. It used to be that we ate from nature as it is, but now merely nature no longer satisfies us. Food being the most basic living need, it is also a product of mass consumption. To make the most profit out of the least amount of resources, bioengineering is used to create genetically “better” produce, using hormones to blow up the volume,[ others don’t even bother to go through all this hassle, and just use other materials to fake the real thing – even if it means using non edible material.]< this is a clumsy sentence. You need more references, not generalisations. Have you read articles on exactly what it is that is done to food? While on the other hand,[ some say]< another generalisation that all these lab synthesized foods might not just be bad news. genetically modified food might allow us to feed the starving.

Reflecting the increasingly ambiguous line between natural and manmade, I imagined the future versions of vegetation today. These organisms look like fused together elements of vegetables we commonly find on our dinner table, but mutated into a living creature. Perhaps through these monstrous vegetables I am projecting my fear of what scientists cook up in laboratories, which may end up on my plate.

A good start. Talk more about the processes you are employing in order to illustrate or suggest these listed notions in your objects. Also list the types of food you are responding to, ie. Artificial/organic/food courts/international/bi-cultural. Etc.


Help from Freya: MLA works cited

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 7.50.40 PM


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