Presentation experimentation of final display

2015-06-04 130104 2015-06-04 130112

Experimenting with the arrangement of the tables.

2015-06-04 130119 2015-06-04 130141 2015-06-04 130136 2015-06-04 130131 2015-06-04 130122

2015-06-05 033746

Closeups of the final pieces, and how my objects look like up against the wooden textures.


Ron Nagle

The Golden Gaffer, 2014

Kingsford Special, 2013
mixed media, 7 x 7 x 3.5

“Intimate in scale, bold in color, and immaculate in finish, the ceramic sculptures by San Francisco-based artist Ron Nagle look like surrealistic dream objects. Early in his career, Nagle apprenticed with fellow Abstract Expressionist ceramicist Peter Voulkos, and he cites Ken Price and Giorgio Morandi as significant influences. His small vessels and abstract sculptures often have puckered surfaces and gradual color fades; slabs melt into hard right angles, and monochromatic parts are given finely grained texture. While clearly handmade, to the sleekness of Nagle’s works lends them an air more alien than human.”